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Global Jobs LLC is a bootstrapped company. Yes. Those words might not match with the scale of our operation but we are 100% bootstrapped.

No financers, no capital investors, nobody to tell us what to do with the money and how to operate the business.

Bootstrapping Global Jobs Network LLC was a tough and audacious decision. But with the support of our staff, friends and family members, we decided to venture this voyage with courage.

We wanted to build a platform based upon our experiences. We wanted to take advice and suggestions, not orders. If Global Jobs Network LLC had not been bootstrapped, we would not have built it just the way we wanted.

Since this company is bootstrapped, we take every step with care. Precision is our only hope to get this company through the bootstrapped stage.

That doesn't mean we don't want to have capital ventures and investors. That's also necessary, but in the next stage of development. We want to go this way for some time.

If you are an investor reading this, you're most welcome to contact us for any ventures. We're bootstrapping the company right now be we want to expand with investors as well.

As they say, 'when going gets tough, the tough get going'. Press & Media

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