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Since the term IT was coined, IT jobs have always been global. It can be seen as the root of modern globalization. Every corner of the world needs IT Professionals today. To bridge the gap between skilled IT workforce and pious clients, we created Global IT Jobs. Employers post their requirements, and jobseekers apply for them. The employers then choose the candidate of their choice. Simple as that. Oh, and by the way, this platform is forever free to use, except for a minimal project fee for subsequent job postings by employers.

Healthcare is an intermittent but important requirement of every society. This idea of bridging healthcare professionals to healthcare employers directly was never used before. So we decided to hold the torch and light the way. The Global Healthcare Jobs platform connects the employer to the aspirant, free of cost. Employers can post their jobs and aspirant can apply on them. Without any signup fees. The users can filter their results based upon categories, locations, titles and much more.

Contrary to the normal belied, the food industry stands among one of the largest informal sectors, globally. There are a lot of people who can cook amazing food but are not earning the right amount at the right place. Similarly, there are a lot of diners which need amazing taste but cannot connect to the apt workforce. To break this dilemma we decided to set up a food centered job board. Global Food Jobs. Using the platform is FREE*. Connecting right skills to the right seeker is its sole purpose.

Expanding our responsibilities to the media sector, we decided to set up a job board dedicated to media related jobs. Whether it be journalism, mass communication, advertising, voiceovers, graphic designs, you name it. Global Media Jobs connects aspiring professionals with skill seeking employers. The portal is easy to use with advanced filters for both the parties. The interface is easy to use and the signup is absolutely free. The interests of both the employers and the workforce are protected by our guarantee.

With the urge to expand and contribute towards the society, we came up with the idea of Global Finance Jobs. A portal which connects finance professionals with those in need of such services. From audits to accounting, one can find projects as well as experts from all financial realms. Behind this portal, our motive was to create a FREE* system where the best employers could meet the best standardized workforce. It eventually came true with the creation of Global Finance Jobs.

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